Vietnam War Resources

NYC Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza



Other Vietnam Memorials

Vietnam War

  • Stories by and about those who served in country
  • Vietnam Video: This video does a great job of accurately expressing many of experiences of those who served

Vietnamese History and Culture

Veterans Websites

  • One of the oldest of the Vietnam Veteran Web sites (opened on Veterans Day 1994) which honors “Vietnam Veterans, living and dead, who served their country on either side of the conflict”
  • The official Web site of the Medal of Honor Society
  • Lists the citations of the 243 servicemen who received the Medal of Honor for combat actions during the war in Vietnam
  • Devoted to America’s most hallowed ground “and to the heroes and to the pathfinders who rest at peace there.”

Services for Veterans:

  • The official Web site of the Department of Veterans Affairs is well-organized and chock-full of information about benefits for veterans and their families
  • The official Web site of Vietnam Veterans of America
  • A private-sector Web site for veterans and their families that features benefits provided by corporations as well as profiles of special veterans, most of whom served during the Vietnam War